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Virtually Pain Free Back

“I have been visiting Dawn for help with my lower back issues for a few years now.

A previous massage therapist had suggested an NMT might be helpful as a next step, and I’m grateful to have found her.

While a regular massage does help my muscles relax, Dawn’s specialized knowledge of human anatomy has made a huge difference in finding and working on problem areas. When visiting Dawn regularly, I am virtually pain free. She finds & loosens muscles, tendons, or fascia before they get too serious, both in my back and other areas. Dawn also helps me understand what muscles or related parts are tight, discusses with me what might have caused it, and suggests steps I can take to avoid recurring issues.

Dawn’s professional yet down to earth personality helped me feel comfortable with her very quickly. Both her demeanor and the environment in the room make for a very relaxing experience. I look forward to every appointment, and plan to keep visiting her for a long time to come.”



Hearing Restored with Neuromuscular and Craniosacral Therapy

“I think it is no coincidence that after one visit with Dawn my right ear that had no hearing at all began to respond.  The first visit brought back about 20% of my hearing.  After the second visit it was about 40% but the words were not at all clear.  After the third visit I had at least 80% of my hearing and it was very clear.

I am looking forward to a complete restoration after a couple more visits.  It was strange to only hear mono speakers when you are used to stereo.  It makes it hard to tell where the sounds are coming from.

I have known Dawn for several years and she has treated me for other problems.  When I found that I had a sudden onset hearing loss I started with the medical doctor in case it was due to a cold or other infection.  Taking antibiotics did not alleviate the problem and neither did a visit to the chiropractor.  Dawn’s special warm and gentle touch began the healing immediately and within 24-48 hours I noticed a difference that has continued with each visit.

I have recommended Dawn to several friends and family and hope that you will consider including her treatments of NMT and CS Therapy in any plan you make for you well being and healing.”

Lori C.


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